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Super Sensitive XB - Triton XB Cart Rarely Booting


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I recently acquired a Triton Super XB cart and am having trouble booting it. I have 2 TI's and it doesn't boot in one of them. On the other it boots if I have it seated just right. I really can't explain what "just right" means - it takes a few tries fidgeting with the cart. Once the cart is bootable, it will always boot until I pull it out of the slot.


I've already reseated the socketed chips, and I think I will try replacing the capacitors next. I just want to make sure I have the right values though...


As far as I can tell there are two types, but I need some help identifying them.


The first type is an orange one with the marking "33-16". Google tells me that this is a tantalum 33 uF cap.

The second type is a blue one that has the marking "104M". This appears to be a 100 nF ceramic cap.


Pics of caps and cartridge board are attached.


Am I right on the cap identification? Is there something else I should be doing with the cart to get it to boot?




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The only thing harder than cap identification is finding an eraser! I found some other rubbery-like material and tried cleaning the contacts with that.


You guys were spot on to try cleaning the contacts. It now boots in the TI that didn't boot before. I still have to do some fidgeting with the cart though.


I'll try a real eraser next (I have to go buy one), and after that some cleaner as Greg suggested.



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I'll try a real eraser next (I have to go buy one), and after that some cleaner as Greg suggested.


If it is not on the end of a pencil, be sure you get a ruby eraser (not artgum) because a ruby eraser should contain fine abrasive material (pumice, etc.) that will aid in wearing off the oxidation from the contacts.



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