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IntelliXpander module



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  1. 1. What design would work best for the IntelliXpander?

    • Make it to match the original Intellivision design
    • Make it to match the Intellivision II design

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There are a couple of hundred Intellivision collectors,out there.


If it is cost effective to make this, and affordable for everyone to buy, I think you will do very well with this! :thumbsup:

Agreed, and the key point here is affordability so some of the ideas thrown around are just unrealistic.

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In a perfect world I would also use Intv cartridges. But in this case we are saving on both case design and a cartridge shell tooling (I don't have a Intv cartridge tool and I don't want someone controlling whatever I can or cannot release). A new shell tooling would be another $6000 investment on top of the module tooling at least. You see what I mean, we add everything we want with no compromises and this thing will cost like $200+. But I agree with the legacy cartridge port for the convenience.


Someone asked about save states, but our cartridges alreday offer saving capabilities.

What if someone had new intellivision shells available. ;-)

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I was about to comment "Those are neat, but they look a bit too early 80's." Then I realized that I was thinking NES boxes, and most of the NEs boxes I know are more from late 80's/early 90's and the Intelli 3/4 were meant to be out bu 1982/83, it's in fact spot on.

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Now wait a minute... Opcode will be releasing Donkey Kong for the IntelliXpander? I'm sold! :) I'm trying to imagine what the game will look like!

There is a picture of the barrels stage here.


Edit: it's similar to other 256 pixel wide versions, as opposed to 160 pixel wide versions like Atari 400/7800 or c64.

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