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Draconland - Bubsy the Extra-Terrestrial


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I enjoyed Bubsy for SNES back in the day.
It is a fun game with some good music (at least on first stage).


Bubsy Snes OST :


The gameplay is not great, but had good mechanics like the glider. And this was fast,
a Sonic like game engine on Snes, without blast processing.
I had a friend who where crazy about this game. It certainly is not on my worst game list.
I remember be intrigued about wtf bobcat is, short tail wild cats do not exist in my country.
We have ocelots.


Bubsy is the ET the Extra-terrestrial equivalent for 16 bit machines.
It IS a bad game overall, but not an abomination as internet depicts.


The main problem is the bad game physics and unforgiving collision IMHO.
But the graphics and character/game design was really good.


On the opposite spectrum is Puggsy, a Sega Genesis platformer game with great physics but poor
character and game design. You can't have the best of both worlds.


Buggsy would be a real winner!


Anyway, Bubsy 2 was a disappointment. I not liked that game at all, unfunny and with bad music.
There's a reason, it was not made by the original programmer/creator.
I had never played the Jaguar version but looks bad nonetheless.


Here's some Bubsy NES style sprites I did years ago, for your time.

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