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FS: Fully decked out Raspberry Pi 3 RetroPie setup - ***SOLD!***


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I have sold a few of these to members in the past and I think everyone pretty much loved them :) One more for grabs. Here is what it includes:


1. Raspberry PI 3 in SmartiPi case

2. 64GB Samsung microSDXC card

3. HDMI cable

4. Power adapter with on/off rocker switch

5. Two USB extension cables (to extend the joystick wires further)

6. Two iBuffalo SNES style joypads (the closest in feel/quality/performance to SNES pads in my opinion)

7. Logitech K400 wireless keyboard/mousepad combo


The setup has my personal RetroPie image pre-installed and consumes most of the SD card (there's about 4GB free). It is something I have worked on and built on for over a year. It is updated to the most recent version and now includes really nice updated boxart that is something you cannot obtain with the built in scraper. It also includes other stuff (PC ports, etc) as well as Kodi 17.3 Gryphon (latest version)


How do you use it? Plug everything in and turn it on. That's all. You do not need to know how to program to use this thing. It is ready to go :) Some emulators do require the keyboard to input things (like Mame) and to escape back to the main screen which is why the keyboard is a good thing to have.


$175 shipped for the whole setup. PM if interested.







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