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The River Flows Again


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I just found out how to export Outlook e-mails to a csv file which means I now have a project.


I have had the 1997-1999 River Listserver e-mails in Outlook and have been meaning to make a public database where people could search the old Listserver messages. For those that don't remember, The River was where Tom Wills hosted the first TI-99 mailing list which ran from 1996-1999 before going to eGroups and then Yahoo! as the OLUG. The messages from the OLUG are searchable to this day, but no archive of The River listserver exists (there was one by Mr. Moon back in the early 2000s or so, but that archive is long gone). Anyway, I just uploaded these e-mails to my website (link will be coming eventually when I am further along) into a MySQL database. All I have to do now is create a search interface as well as a display interface so the messages can be read on an HTML webpage. This is a wealth of info and should be fun to get this out there. Now my only questions are the following:

  • Does anyone have messages from The River listserver before 8/7/97? That's what I have back to. I know they must be out there since Mr. Moon's defunct site went back to 1996 and someone provided those to him for that project. Just hope they have not been deleted/lost in the time since.
  • I probably will try to add other TI message forums as well in the future once I get this done. I'd like to put the TI-ECHO up and any others (didn't Delphi have a TI board?) if anyone has those. If anyone has any other source of on-line TI messaging let me know as I'd love to eventually grow this out as a one-stop-shop for historical TI info.
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Imagine having one database with "The River" OLUG, Yahoo group messages and AtariAge.

That would be a treasure chest of information there.


On a sidenote, just today I discovered a Magnavox Odyssey 2 forum that will be closed sometime early 2023 with all the messages probably getting lost forever.

Sure hope that never will happen to AtariAge.

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