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Strider 2 (Tiertex):Finished On Lynx,Planned For Panther.

Lost Dragon

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I know the game itself was pretty awful, but details have emerged confirming it as a true, lost Lynx game along with Atari planning it for The Panther (titles like this the last thing the Panther needed).


Normally, i would name the multiple sources used/put up full transcript etc..


However due to some utter nonsense by certain Ex-AA posters (as in banned from...) whenever i post up findings, i wont be doing their research for them, think i have proven i use direct sources unless otherwise stated.


The game took 5 months to develop on Lynx, coding having started in Jan 1991...game was finished, went through Atari approval scheme..coder called back in to fix bugs, add extras Atari wanted such as continue game option, last thing coded...'For Demo. Purposes Only' message.


Game had map data supplied from the Amiga version, music from ST version.


Coder played the Amiga version a lot and built game from that.


Lynx version made easier and had an exclusive, secret level.


Atari very keen to see game done, provided coder with lot of test code and documentation on Lynx, which made development far easier.


Coder never kept any backups,doesnt think Tiertex did either, said EPROMS simply thrown in drawer and forgotten about.


Atari gave coder the go ahead to do a Panther version next, but Panther itself canned soon after.


Pure speculation as to why Atari never released Lynx version but thoughts are along lines of:


Declining Lynx market, cost of manufacturing carts, Atari canning projects left,right and center.


So, at least we know of another planned Panther game and completed but unreleased Lynx title.


Nice to have the closure if nothing else.

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Might as well name the source GTW used to get the full story on the lost lynx version. ..


It was Mr Paul Gill who had spoken to a few other Ex-Tiertex staff, before reporting back to GTW with the details above.


Once again, my thanks to Paul and GTW for enabling the book to be closed on what became of this title.


It's apparently still being listed as only 50% complete, based on Raze magazines report at the time.


Hopefully with source credited, full version of events can be used by anyone planning any Lost Lynx game features or write up's on the Atari Panther in the future.

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I'd like to see further evidence of this.

The game or the claims?


Paul himself has it listed on his C.V and the info came from himself directly and him speaking to the games artist and Tiertex bosses...and GTW are a respected Lost Games site.


As for Lynx code itself...sadly at this stage it looks very unlikely.


It joins 7800 Paperboy as code given to Atari, never to be seen again.


People just didn't seem to make back ups of their own finished code back then, as a result, much has been lost.

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