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So I was trying to make the Orange-O-Matic screen with the Game Gear. On a real Game Gear the first one I had had blurriness. So it took a half-hour and lots of testing and lots of color changing. The first version I had had white and black and I guess it doesn't like white next to long black horizontal lines. I finally deemed this version acceptable:
As you can see it's quite colorful. Up next is to try and make a score counter. I'm so glad I finally have the Pause function in already and I haven't even gotten the oranges in the game yet. Also interesting of note is that this is the exact same background of the Game Boy version, only with colors. I didn't have to change much. The screen resolution is apparently exactly the same. I find that odd. Ideally, I'd like the score color to be orange, but I don't know what it will end up as. Hopefully I can change it to be orange. But I'm sick of working on this for today, so that will be tomorrow's goal: Get a score up and running. They still are saying it's supposed to be 100 degrees here today. Right now it's 84 @ 11:15am.

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