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Shamus - tips/tricks?


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I just picked up Shamus (yay!) and it's a pretty cool port compared to the C64 version that I've played.


My thing, though, is I'm just not very good at the game. ;-) Does anyone have any tips/tricks they've picked up for the game along the way? I suspect one of mine will be 'don't use the standard TI joy sticks'.





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Yup Shamus is my favourite TI Atarisoft port (right up there with Moon Patrol and Centipede - and now, finally, Robotron - where the TI version kicks serious robutt)


THIS should help. It's a link to vintagecomputing.com's Shamus maps. Written for the atari 8bit version, they are still accurate to the TI version (I believe there's a difference with the colour of one key, but the location of it remains correct and the maps are 100% acurate. (They helped me "beat" the game)


(While you're over at vintagecomputing you should also look at his current homepage.)

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