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Well, yesterday, I said I was too sick of working on Oranges for Game Gear and decided to call it quits for the day. That didn't turn out to be the case. Later that same day I worked on getting the score in. Today I also had a go at changing the colors to not have the top right corner of the screen be so icky. The result is I made it less icky (I wanted it to be gone, but after trying for 90 minutes with various color schemes, I decided this one was the best.)
As you probably noticed, there is a score now. It can go up. I tried for another hour trying to solve a bug about Bob's movement. Whenever you paused the game using the dpad and then let go of the dpad when it was paused and then unpaused the game, Bob moved a pixel without the dpad being used. Also, I used going right as a test to see if the score worked correctly. It does. But notice it has 4 digits. The example had four digits, so I'm keeping it at four digits. I decided that in this version, the object of the game would be not to see if you could get to 500 points, but to see how high you can score. I'll make it so the highest score you can get is 9999. After that, if you got one more point, it would still display 9999. Or maybe not. I don't know what to do. I know the next thing I need to do is work on the oranges. Or I could work on making the in-game music and save the oranges until after the in-game music is in. To make the score orange, though, I had to rearrange the indexed colors using GIMP. So now the score is orange on both the title screen and during the game.

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