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So I got the oranges in the game. I don't know if there's a way to make them be random or not. The Game Gear doesn't have a random number generator. So that means it's going to be a lot harder to make it seem more random.
I got the oranges moving. As it turns out, even though the game looks the same as the Game Boy version, everything is shifted 32 pixels to the right. This is why the image I used to make the playfield looks like this:

There is a huge border. This is presumably due to the fact that I am really coding a Sega Master System game, but am using Game Gear-specific code to make it play on the Game Gear, which apparently the screen size is different. But if that's so, then why did they make a TV adapter for the Game Gear? Now I'm confused. So until I get some help in the way of making this random, I guess it'll be time to make the in-game music and then move on to something else. Actually, I am pretty proud of what I've done so far anyway. During playtesting, I discovered the game moves slower when you go down or up. I think I fixed that. I've been having some problems on when to use the buffer. I don't even know what a buffer is. And I also had a bit of a problem trying to put the oranges in the game. I finally found the problem: I wasn't queuing them in the buffer. Hm. That's odd. I thought it was "queueing" but the spell checker doesn't like it.

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