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Vader JR - Composite Mod - Help please


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I have a Vader JR, I believe this was the last 2600 model manufactured. This one (all of them?) was manufactured in Ireland.

RF connection is a pain and very poor quality, I am trying to carry out the Composite Mod, but there does not seem much info on doing it on the Vader JR.

I tried following a couple of Composite JR guides, but I don't get a picture. Twice now I have tried and then gone back to soldering in the RF Module. :(

Here is my board:



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I've only seen this version in photos online, so I can't be much help when it comes to modding it. I can tell you that the standard AV composite mods have varying results. My 7800, with the standard AV mod works great, but my Vader 2600 has really bad issues with color bleed. My suggestion, would be to look up the UAV thread and see if Bryan, (He makes those boards) can help you out. From what I've read, that mod is hard to beat, and it's affordable. :-D

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