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Wico Command Control Joystick sensitivity


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Have a Wico Command Control joystick that has become way to sensitive. I took a quick peek inside and saw it had leaf springs. How do I tighten this thing up? It is almost like an analog stick. I just barely touch it and it goes in that direction. Have a few others that are the normal stiffness. What needs to be done?


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Since no one else has posted, I guess I'll see if I can be of assistance. Are you saying the stick is TOO responsive, or are you saying there's too much play in it before it activates the switches? I have one right here, so if you want to post a pic of the inside of yours, I can compare and see if the problem is visible. My only suggestion right now is to try bending the leaf springs, but I may be able to provide a better solution once I see a photo of the inside. :-D

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