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CRX (Commodore Retro eXpo) Las Vegas Promo Video - NOW LIVE!


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The first annual CRX (Commodore Retro eXpo) is coming! If your in Las Vegas this end of July, come down and check it out! If you're a fan of the Commodore 64/128 and Amiga computers this show is for you....or maybe your curious why these computers are still a fascination with computer users today!

More Info on CRX go to www.commodoreretroexpo.com

CRX (Commodore Retro eXpo) July 28-30th 2017 Las Vegas - Video Promo -

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Two Commodore shows in Las Vegas on the same weekend? Are there really that many there in that desert island? Seems odd to me. :? ( Not that I care since I am an atarian :) )


Is there a rivalry that has blown up and now they are trying to put down one another? :ponder: I guess this would not be the first time something like this happened (being in this hobby for 40 years). :|

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Sort of... CommVEx was moved to a different location without asking any of the sponsors or vendors for input - which provide the majority of the funding for the event. The new location was horrible, and when a group of us tried to get the event moved back to the original location we were met with extreme resistance (my personal account on commodore.ca was actually banned, etc.) So, all of those funding the event, along with the vast majority of normal participants decided to create an all new event - Commodore Retro eXpo (CRX). CRX will feature a star studded line up for presentations and special guests. We fully expect this to be the largest gathering of Commodore enthusiasts in the U.S. this year. The Kickstarter project "The Commodore Story" will be filming the event and conducting interviews for their DVD/book.


Because many people had already booked their hotels and flights for the last weekend in July to attend CommVEx we really had to make CRX the same weekend so people could attend it. Next year's CRX will not be in July - that is the wrong month to have any type of event in the desert!


It's just two weeks away now!

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