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E.T. & This Is The Only Level


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Hello to everybody!


This is my first post on this forum. I'd like to share some thoughts about how E.T. should/could have been, in order to... well, not to be so dissapointing.


Years ago, I discovered a very simple but funny Flash platform game, quite original, called "This Is The Only Level", in which the objective was to guide an elephant (!) from the start point to the exit. As its title suggest, the scenario of each and every stage is the same, but the tactic for reaching the goal changes from level to level, and is announced via messages and hints at the top of the screen.


I've always thought this kind of approachment for a game would be relatively easy to implement on Atari 2600, and its particular originality would have been successful for any 2600 game, specially for E.T. (a character that scapes over and over from its enemies).


What do you think about it?


(By the way, here are the links for that game and its two sequels:







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Welcome. :)


E.T. is a pretty great game once you take the time to learn it IMO, the Bug fixed ROM makes it even better by getting rid of some of the irritating collision around the pits on the overworld.


Your game looks interesting and peculiar, I it seems doable on the VCS in some capacity, I'm sure some people would get a kick out it if you coded it up in bBasic or ASM.


Thanks for sharing. ^^

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