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9640 Boot Menu questions


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Just some questions about the differences between BOOT and 9640 MS.


On boot, with the PGRAM+ card, on save, it asks what dsk to save to, then it asks if I want to save in save in GRAM: 6 (the default), then it asks if I want a powerup - which I say Y to and from that point forward the TI starts up in the BOOT menu. This is a great feature.


However, on the 9640 Boot Menu app (which I like much better) the process is similar. I set up my apps, then save, and it asks if I want to save to XB27 GRAM, then BOOT or JIMS, then DSK (1).\


However, I have no idea what saving to XB27 GRAM accomplishes or how to use it?


Ideally - I'd like it to load from the PGRAM+ just like boot. Instant awesome menu - however, at the moment it seems I am stuck with older less awesome boot menu.


Ideas or thoughts?


I do have the XB27 Suite cart - but fail to see anything there that relates to the 9640 Menu system.


Cheers, Art...

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There should be a thread here on AA related to using the GRAM load function. I don't have the info at my fingertips.


That screenshot looks like some test code I was working on to improve compatibility with Classic99 and other higher-level clock functions. Is the time/date accurate? If it is, send me the program files via PM and I'll compare to what I have here. It might be a quick fix.


Further development has been on hold for a number of real life reasons.

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Understood - sent you the files. If the development environment isn't too complex - I'd be willing to take a crack at adding some features and such. If there was a way to use the F18A from BASIC I'd be tempted to write my own menu and compile the thing.

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