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Atari 1040 STe 2 bombs: Bus error and TOS Error #35

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Hi, I have a Atari 1400 STe. But I have 2 errors.


The first is two bombs when I load disk from floppy disk.


The second is reboot ok when no disk and I view GEM but when i put disk and load .PRG I have a TOS error #35.


PS: I have never modified my motherboard.


Thank you

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That seems to be the RF modulator. I'm not exactly convinced that it could be the source of your problems!


According to the documentation Error #-35 translates to "No more handles available" but you can get that error when you load an invalid .prg file. Two of the common faults here are that either the floppy drive has gone bad or the disks. Try using different disks and programs and see if you get the same error consistently - then it might be the floppy drive itself. If some disks can load the .prg files without erroring out then it's probably the floppy disks themseleves - either reformat them and try again or throw them to the bin!



Hope this helps (and oh it's probably better if you ask the moderators to move this post to the main forum instead of programming as you might get more people to notice it there).

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