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Dunjonquest: Datestones of Ryn (Check Map)


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I have been playing the Dunjonquest games again on the Atari 8-Bit. I get the itch every few years, you know? I still need to complete the The Curse of Ra maps for levels 3 and 4 for the Apshai Maps thread, here:




In the meantime, to whet my appetite, last night (and part of today) I played Dunjonquest: The Datestones of Ryn, which I had not really played before last night. This is not a full-fledged game like The Temple of Apshai; "Datestones" is a mini-quest. The game's box looks like this:




A screenshot of the game looks like this:




I mapped the game, including checking for secret doors and traps in every room. I could only find one secret door, which is in a place that you can reach anyway. I know that this is a mini-quest, but this map is small; really, really small. There are only nine rooms (not counting hallways). Check out the map I made today:




I really feel like I must have overlooked something. Can this map possibly be complete? The game has a twenty-minute time limit for gameplay, but this maps seems ridiculously small.


I'm hoping that there are a few Apshai/Dunjonquest fans out there who would be willing to play the game and see if they can find anything more than I found. The game can be downloaded from Atarimania, here:




Is anyone willing to take a stab at looking my map over while they play the game?


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Noticed while going through various threads that this map looks the same as the bottom right corner of the first level of Apshai Trilogy:




Wow. Content re-use!


I didn't notice that! There not similar... but exactly the same. I wonder if any of the other Dunjonquest game do that?



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Thanks for the map. Yes I can confirm there is no more secret doors and rooms, didn't check traps, but I am not going there again. :) Nice catch with the content reuse thing!


This game is so small if there is no other content. I know it's meant to be a fast adventure, but it's a very quick one.



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On 8/27/2021 at 9:10 PM, pmgraphics said:

So, how do you stay alive in this game? I've played temple of apshai fine, but this game takes me out after 3-4 rooms.


I had a hard time with playing "Datestones" at first too.  It's been a few years, and since I've played so many of the Apshai games now, they sort of blend together in my mind, but I think I had to use ranged weapons to be effective in this game.  Heck, using the bow are arrows is how I play all of the Apshai games.  This isn't the most powerful weapon, but it allows the character to attack a monster from afar and not have to worry about taking damage.



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