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Antonia 4MB and files selection


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Hi guys, i'm a newbie and now i have an Antonia upgrade board mounted on my 800XL. Antonia seems working good but running its configuration program i have problems finding the files to run.

Here under my operational steps:


1) Starting 800XL with SIO2SD connect. The SIO loader starts automatically and so i can select and run ANT.ATR from the Flash card.

2) By Dos 2.5 i select "Binary Load" and run ANT.COM

3) Here we are! The Antonia configuration program works good and show me the different options.

4) After selected the memory configuration i proceed Flashing the ROM but when i try to load any files the program makes available only drives D1 and D2 like in the pictures in attachment.


Why happened this? The Flash card is full of programs, demos, games, but i can only select these 2 drives.

Anybody can help me?



I found out that I have the same problem even when I try to load something from DOS. Finds no device from where to load.


Thanks guys, sorry for my ignorance.



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Stock unmodified Atari DOS 2.0 and 2.5 Only support 2 drives. there are some memory pokes you need to do, and re-save dos files to disk to get it to support up to 8 drives. Memory usage for buffers and such back in the day was a big deal, so they shipped it with the most common configuration. If you switch to SpartaDOS, it will support at least 8 out of the box...


And i found the article! http://www.atarimania.com/faq-atari-400-800-xl-xe-how-do-i-modify-atari-dos-to-support-more-than-two-drives_62.html

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Problem solved, guys. Many thanks to Philsan. I thought that the antonia configuration should be recharged every time the computer was turned on, and after this, found the way to load the programs.
Instead, the configuration must be done once only and the computer keeps memory of it even after turning it off.
Sorry, again. I'm a real newbie.

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