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Free Play Florida 2017 - November 17-19!


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Hi All, just thought i'd start a thread for this year's show!


Free Play Florida is 3 days of gaming fun in the middle of Central Florida just minutes from all your favorite theme parks. We cover anything electronic gaming from Atari to Pinball and everything in between. Tons of panels, interactive things to do, gigantic arcade games, artists, and celebs. I'll post more as e get closer, but for fun here's our first guest announcement!



Returning to the wonderful Doubletree Sea World in Orlando, Florida November 17-19!


Tickets are only $25 a day or $65 for the whole weekend of fun!


Hope to see you there.


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Heya everyone, thought i'd update with a couple quick things!


We are just under 2 months until the show and here's your first look at our official event shirt! Also, as i'm sure you are all just as big of Atari fans as I am i'll announce here first that we've partnered with Scott Dayton, Atari Age, Robb, Albert, and Cybertron Games to make a special complete limited edition boxed game to celebrate the event! Scott has masterfully modded Midnight Magic to have a cool Florida Retro gaming theme. We'll share the final result very soon, as our event is a 501c3 non profit the sales of the game help us put on the event!


We have also announced some great guests including the voice of Space Ghost, George Lowe, Walter Day, Billy Mitchell, Todd Rogers, Brian Colin and of course the ever popular Keith Apicary.



Thanks for reading and hope to see you there!



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I was there! I made a video for my "Adventures by George" channel! Please watch, like, subscribe, share, tell all your friends, send out carrier pigeons, Facebook, Tweet it, whatever you got!


Highlights include:


Keith Apicary attempting to run me over with his NeoGeo

Todd Rogers teaches me to play Dragster

Billy Mitchell plays Donkey Kong for the LOWEST score

Polybius takes over my brain

One-handed gaming attempts

Ancient pin machines, classic arcade games, pinball machines everywhere...




Meeting Albert Yarusso for the first time at the AtariAge.com booth!


Here it is! Hope you enjoy it!


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From the photos it feels like a smaller gathering, more like the Houston Arcade Expo than Classic Game Fest or Portland Retro Gaming Expo.


I created similar system info placards for when I bring my systems to the Houston Arcade Expo (also have them for the 7800 and the ColecoVision)





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The Houston one's fun too, though I wasn't able to attend this year - normally it's early November, but due to a scheduling conflict at the hotel they held it October 20th & 21st and I'd already committed to be on a panel at PRGE.


The two VCS placards are because I had one set up with joysticks and another set up with paddles.

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