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cnet: classic 80s arcade games we loved the most


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1. Ms. Pac-Man

2. Robot Ron

3. Joust

4. Star Wars

5. Kangaroo

6. Spy Hunter

7. Sinistar

8. Star Trek

9. BattleZone

10. Journey


<<<saved u a click>>>


Sinistar (Williams Electronics) gave me anxiety like nothing else. Generally solid controls with the track ball



Yeah, somebody needs to get back in the arcade and play this one again...

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My top five are Mr. Do, Phoenix, Donkey Kong, Galaxian and Centipede ( I know Galaxian came out in 79 but lets not split hairs here )


Cool, another who has Phoenix as a fav. :cool:


I actually prefer it over both Galaxian and Galaga, and wish we had something more than the 2600 port and "Eagle Empire" for the C64, respecting home conversions on classic systems.

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Tough call, forcing just 10 favs from the 80s.

Here's what I came up with presented alphabetically:

Bank Panic

Donkey Kong

Elevator Action

Ghosts 'n Goblins

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Mr. Do!

Ms. Pac-Man

Pandora's Palace



I deliberated with the list a lot. It is easier for me to isolate a Top 5 or 3 games...lol.

Undisputed for me is Donkey Kong in the Number 1 spot.

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No love for Missile Command? Phoenix is in my top 10 too. :)

As a pure arcade rat child.. I was never fond of Missile Command. The game was way too hard! :lol: It took the 2600 port to get to me.. as it's one of my all time favorite games ever. :)

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