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Ebay A4000T Scam


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Some of you might of seen this Amiga 4000t on US ebay:

Beware, this is a scam i think. I was the Buy It NOW winner and the guy sent me this official looking invoice that claims to be from ebay@Ebay.com:

Something smells dirty here. First the odd stuff:
His paypal button is his own, not a official BIN.
he only takes Buy It Now if you read his desc,its not a auction-bugt its not a real ebay BIN.
the transaction doesnt show up in ebay purchases.
this odd invoice was sent that ebay cant verify.
he insists on Moneygram payment only which ebay doesn't allow.
the payment wants to go to the UK,but he is from Georgia.
he wouldn't take a certified bank check from me instead.
Moneygram doesn't allow credit card payment to go thru,so no recourse if you are cheated.
Too many red flags here!
He is either a smart crook or is trying to thwart all ebay fees, not sure which.
I called ebay and they say this does not look right and voilates their terms.
I urge everyone to avoid this. I sent him a email about this and he has quit replying to me now.
All the choices he specifies are to make the transaction untrackable.
Here is part of the invoice #(ebay cant verify this # and says its not theirs):

Good news! eBay transaction is approved, buyer and seller are insured! At seller request, we have verified all the details of this transaction. We concluded that they are accurate and item actually exists, and both parties are insured. Please follow our instructions to complete the transaction safely.
eBay Transaction #KLWQ82884603484 approved! iconSuccess_16x16.gif
Thank you for shopping on eBay. ()
Bellow you have the Payment Instructions Item Name:


Item Price:

Payment Method:

Shipping Method:

Current Status:
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I have seen this picture of A4000T before few years back, and it was from a hacked ebay account. If you check other items from that seller you will see the same note and the same price.

I wold avoid at all costs!

Good catch!


Edit: It looks like the real seller is from UK, but the last listings are from USA. Hacked account for sure.

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I checked sellers history, they are selling comic books and collectables from UK, and recently all their auctions were high value items with the same description to contact them outside Ebay msg system based in USA.


Right now you can see in their store, that most high value items are removed from listings, leaving the comic book stuff.

I believe that his ebay store got hacked, I have seen this before.


And YES, avoid at all costs, and I also believe that this A4000 listing will show up on other sellers store.

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Funny how everything they are selling is $1000 on the "Send me the message" link in the item description page. In fact, they're selling multiple #33 of 100 Dimebag Darrell guitars as well as a second A4000T here:




They are apparently using this phishing scam that's been known for about two years:



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