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VZ 200?

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Hi, about a month ago my Atari 600XL got delivered, and one of the things that came with it was this odd looking thing. From what I can gather, it might be for the Vic-20, as it fits in my C64's modem slot. I've seen RAM expansions for the Vic-20, but all the ones I've seen go in the cartridge slot. I can't seem to find any info about this thing on the web, so any insight would be nice.post-42879-0-71159700-1499191813_thumb.jpg

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Nope. That is a memory expansion for the VTech Laser 200/210, also known as VZ-200. It is a Z80 design that is strongly based on the original TRS-80, but with the 6847 colour graphics found in e.g. CoCo (but not compatible due to the CoCo has a 6809, not a Z80). Don't try to plug it into any of your Commodore computers, at best nothing happens.

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