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NES emulator inside Switch firmware


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On the Switchbrew Wiki, where modders are cataloging the firmware files, the emulator appears at the bottom of the page under System Applications. The NES emulator, code-named "flog", doesn't seem to do anything yet. It's likely that the emulator is a part of the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service. When the subscription service launches next year, it's supposed to offer the Classic Game Collection, which Nintendo previously confirmed will include NES titles.

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Given their comment about the NES in the first place in relation to online I would not be surprised if FLOG is abbreviation for free list (of) online games. The NES was supposed to up front have a freebie a month rental style that rotated, and then we moved into there just being a library there to access if you pay the $20/yr for all the other services combined. I mean it does seem to fit.

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