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(reposting) L-Train's 96KHz SNES SPDIF PCB on Jaguar

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I had the idea of using this PCB to implement a "normalized" SPDIF output on the Jaguar, but after looking at the SRC4192's datasheet, I'm a little confused as to how it works and whether it would work with the Jaguar's variety of oddball sample rates.


Would any of the more technically-minded of you be able to comment on this?



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From a quick glance, the SRC4192 seems to support any input sample rate from 4 to 212 kHz, so it looks like it should work.


However the digital audio input format is different: the SNES appears to use 16-bit right-justified, while the Jaguar uses 16-bit I²S. The latter is not supported by the SRC4192. So you'd have to add a bit of logic to do the conversion.


You should also ask the guy who made the board to get his opinion.

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Is there any kind of simple "word length converter" IC available? I haven't been able to find anything with a quick search.


EDIT: According to this guy, the converter does work with 16-bit i2s despite its absence from the datasheet. Weird. http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/digital-source/240007-16bit-i2s-48khz-source-src4192.html

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Thanks! I ordered the components (including a new Jaguar), so I should be able to test this in a couple of weeks or so.


By the way, unrelated question: if you've ever had your hands on the official Jaguar SCART cables, do they use injection molded connectors for the console end? I just bought one that I was going to modify for composite sync, and I'm worried I made a horrible mistake.

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