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Hi-Tek 800 Keyboard ribbon cable wanted


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Is that connector soldered into the top of the circuit board under the keyboard? That's what it looks like in the picture. I've

never seen one like that. All that I've seen have the ribbon cable soldered into the bottom of the circuit board and a female

connector on the end of the ribbon cable that plugs into the computer.



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I wonder if this person thought about making the keyboard detachable? I'd have to go up into the attic and cannibalize a 800 ribbon cable off of an old 800

keyboard ( I have several that have missing/nonworking keys). You'd have to remove that connector and solder the replacement ribbon cable onto the

keyboard. Either that or look online for 18 wire ribbon cable. If you are interested let me know.



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I found a old floppy drive cable. I'm using using the shorter section that dose not have the flipped section of ribbon. I have 2 extra holes not used, but what dose it matter. As long as i make sure the same row of connectors matches at both ends. It is about 6" long and fits pretty good.


For your 'non-working keys' I would suggest pulling the keycaps off, then pull out the white or yellow plastic square holder. Be careful of the spring that will pop out. Turn the holder 180' and reinsert. It will not be a complete fix, as the crack in the corner will still be there, but it works in most cases. Or you can cannibalize one keyboard to get good holders for all the others. Or order some holders from BEST.

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