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US $999.00 for BSG!


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I've never really looked into this game until seeing this post and looking up the game online. Crazy that a project that was completed AFTER the system was long dead has such a huge demand online where the seller thinks that he can get 1k for it.


As far as the price goes, I couldn't imagine spending that much on ANY game, let alone a game that the buyer is probably NEVER going to play but instead let it sit in a display box somewhere.

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Maybe I am just biased because I already own BSG, but I don't think $1,000 is an outrageous price. Compared to some other systems like NES and the massive price increases some of those games have seen, BSG has been relatively stable. I get it if you think $1,000 is too much to spend on a video game, and I would agree with you, but that doesn't change the fact that there is a market at that price.

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Assuming the buyer is legit and comes through, sure -- it appears there is a market of at least two well-heeled suckers for this item. One to bid high, the other to bid a little higher yet.




I wouldn't be shocked if someone bid it up just to mess with the seller. (if that happened, I solemnly swear it wasn't me)

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Yeah i was impressed by the result on the vids i saw. The game is also an authorized port which makes it official and the box is really nice.

I have yet to finish my playthrough on the ps4 port but it's so unforgiving i'm scared to come back.

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