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close encounters of the ebay kind (or, how i almost wasted $60)

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Phew! I almost wasted 60 bucks, just because i did not research close enough; got a little trigger happy with the buy button.

You see, right now, i only have the base TI console, tape deck, and speech synthesizer, and a good handful of solid state games.

I was looking to expand, so i was considering either a NanoPEB, or a Flashrom99.

In my misguided reasoning, the flashrom99 sounded great. "I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Just get that and use it to run Extended Basic, plus what ever other cart you want!".

A few clicks to get to ebay, and i was soon 60 some dollars poorer and with a shiny new Flashrom99 headed towards me. Then about 2 hours after buying it, i decided to check out the actual details of this device at http://ninerpedia.org/:

"The board will not run any Extended Basic ..."

I literally almost spit out my beer on my computer monitor as i read that.

Mind you, in hindsight, it is still a awsome sounding chunk of hardware, i got nothing against it.

That sent me scrambling back to ebay summery, hoping i was not too late to cancel my order.

Cursing under my breath, i looked around for the first buy it now Extended basic i could find.

...All in all, it all worked out. I am now only $25 instead of $60 poorer, and will hopefully be spending some quality time with my TI, tape deck, and shiny second hand Extended basic cart next week.


Just goes to show you; look before you leap.


I should have asked the seller if they had any idea what version of Extended basic it was, but too late for that now.

Just kind of hoping it is not the one that returns 100 for call version. I hear its unbearably slow...

(For the future reference, how would i tell the two Extended basics apart by looking at the cart? Any distinguishing marks?)

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