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B.J. West Interview - Black Ice/White Noise & Atari

Adriano Arcade

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Dear all, please check out a recent, truthful and insightful interview with Atari Jaguar legend B.J. West:




I have also recorded a special Atari Jaguar CD podcast for Arcade Attack where I discuss the ill-fated peripheral, why it failed and whether Black Ice/White Noise could have helped save the Jaguar and even Atari! Please give it a listen if you get a chance:




Kind Regards



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Good stuff, we definitely seem to be hearing the same themes over and over again from people who worked for/with Atari at that time period regarding them not really knowing what they were doing and being total cheapskates. Same w/the lack of a proper dev kit/tools. Maybe this will finally put all the "what if" theories to rest.



Just kidding.


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So none of that video footage to go into the game has ever turned up then, just completely gone, what a shame.


A definite shame.


I think Beej or Ken Rose mentioned a code - a sequence of button presses that could be entered in-game - to play all the FMV; but it's not certain which build it was in. (or if the code actually existed... Foggy memories and all that.)

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