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Atari 8-bit PS1 controller adapter


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Looks like its an intelligent controller... would require a circuit to decode the data stream coming from the controller if you want to use it unmodified.


I guess another way would be to crack it open, and solder the wires from a DB9 connector directly to one of the fire buttons, and the 4 digital directional buttons. All the rest of the controls would be non-functional.

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It's been done, not sure if on the Atari though. Some time back I looked into it though more along the lines of accessing the memory cards. The gameport and card ports share the serial IO lines.

I've got somewhere some code done on the Amiga in Basic for reading memory cards. You can make a physical interface for PS1 memory cards using the large older style floppy drive connectors that PCs used on 5.25 drives.


In the modern day, I imagine there' s probably plenty of RasPi and Arduino projects around to do it as well.

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The Megadrive/SMS converter would probably work OK http://www.tototek.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=23&products_id=54&zenid=ua1drgrslhotuvr46n3120evn3


Supposedly there's an issue when using them unmodified on a C64, Amiga is OK.

Atari, not sure.




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