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Hi folks,


Looking to buy another Atari 48K 800 computer w/power supply in nice cosmetic shape, working or not, though the keyboard must work (I can make some repairs on the keyboard, but not all. Please e-mail me if you do have a keyboard issue.) Will pay $125 shipped to ZIP 35473. Though I can get one pretty cheap on e-bay (but you usually get what you pay for), I would much rather pay the extra 30-50 buck premium and get one through this forum, where I've found I can usually get intelligent and honest responses. Heck, if interested just PM me with whatever you have, and maybe we can work something out.


If I have not dealt with you on a previous occasion, I pay 50% now, and 50% on delivery (yep...I've been ripped off too). If I have bought from you before then I'll pay all up front. Please PM me if you have a question or are interested. Thanks very much.




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I have one in my garage that is not in very good shape.. I know for sure it is missing a few keys, but I am willing to bet that despite all of that the thing works and I would even be willing to bet the keyboard is fine.. I've got a gob of spare power supplies so let me sort out which one is compatible with the 800 and I will test it, clean it and snap pics for you. I would not expect to get the amount you listed above for this unit, but if you are interested I'm sure we can work something out. I have no use for an 800, but obviously you are a fan.. I prefer XE's and XEGS units....


Will at least get it out of the garage and into the house and basic cleanup tomorrow..

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