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OT: Photobucket (3rd Party Hosting)


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I noticed it when looking at the 1st post in the Competition page... 3/4 of my pictures are blanked out. I go to Photobucket, and it tells me I need to subscribe to a premium package to use 3rd party hosting...


I've used Photobucket for almost 10 years on multiple forums. This is insane

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I have always used any forum's local storage for items that I post that belong on that forum, otherwise my personal server breaks down to like 4.99 a month if I pay up front for 2 years, and I have been doing that since 2005


that gives me and my wife and most of my *immediate family "cloud" space for photo storage, personal websites what ever it dont matter I got a TB of storage and unlimited bandwidth for 120 bucks every couple years, its not hard to keep a macro in the spreadsheet budget to hold back 5 bucks a month, I usually end up wasting more than that in the vending machine ever since they put in card readers (them bastages)


I see now my 2005 era 5 bucks a month package unlimited plan is now 7$ a month on hostmonster, but still the 5 bucks a month paid up front plan is still quite ample for most family use, I actually hosted a handful of sites back in the day and the price was right, kind of got grandfathered in


*like my wife mother and father, and if they want their own domain name they pay for it ...**well my wife doesnt heh


** my wifes sims blog has consumed 5.8gig this month alone and its only 10 days into this month geez

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So, Photobucket no longer allows embedding of photos onto forums--Only with a $40/month subscription.... WTF????


What are you all using for this?


When I post on AA, I typically just use AA for storage. When posting, click on the "More Reply Options" button, which will take you to a more "advanced" posting screen. From there just attach any images as files and they show up in the post as thumbnail attachments. See below for examples:



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I have an old blogspot blog that I stopped updating when "do no evil* " Google took it over (along with taking over youtube and nearly every other user independent user-generated content site on the planet).


Now I just post pictures to it when I want something here to be viewable to everyone (attached pictures are only viewable if one is logged in)






* (cybertrivia: the whole "Do No Evil" Google mission statement is an urban myth. No one at Google ever said it or used it as a guiding principle. Good thing too!)

-not that selling the world's browsing history to the highest bidder, and steering searches to affiliates is intrinsically evil.

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