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Timex 1000 / Gladstone /JK Audio / Catalog scans.

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Hey guys I just took some time to scan some catalogs I got with a TImex 1000 computer about a year ago! Some interesting stuff there .. well to me anyways!

















Lot of interesting things in the catalogs! I don't think I've ever seen one of these before.





And look at all those games man! I really want to get my real USA Zx81 games and TS 1000 games!

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These are awesome, thanks for sharing! Love that sound adapter too. Makes me yearn for the days when computers were special. So much enthusiasm for each and every one. Unbelievable the support too, as I had no idea the T/S had such a following then. I had one for a while several years ago, but was little more than just a novelty as I grew up with the Atari's, TI, C64 and Apple II's. Remember seeing the T/S 1000 in our local drug store though... $99 they were asking for it. Thought it was expensive for what it is, especially compared to my (used) Atari 400 at the time. Still, it's a neat little machine. Fun to watch YouTube vids of it in action today. :)


Oh, and I did have a friend BITD that had one. Don't remember playing anything of quality on it (like what I see in those catalog scans) but we did type in some programs and putzed around with it a bit. Always knew he coveted my TI though. :lol:

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Hate to be rude but I was hoping to her what you guys think of some of the stuff in the scans? Heh



The JK audio one is pretty interesting. Being able to control your home in the 80's with a Timex 1000!

Interesting stuff. I never knew a lot of those games were actually available in the U.S., like 3D Monster Maze.

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