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Flashback 1 NES-on-a-chip on A Real NES?

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In a way I'd have to say yes. There are some of those flashback games dumped onto the internet as I went hunting for a couple of them a earlier this year. If you look into the topic about mini arcade tabletops (modern) it ends up being discussed that The Bridge Direct put out arcade classics #3 and #4 using a color LCD+NOAC for both 7800 Centipede and NES Q-Bert with appropriate hacks to remove original copyrights (and the nes controller instruction screen on q-bert.)


I went digging and found Centipede along with Asteroids and various others off that old flashback original using the NOAC someone hacked out of it. The ROMS fired up fine in a random NES emulator so it would make sense they should work on real hardware.

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