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The rasch_C Family Collection (pic heavy)


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I've been a member for a while now. Only getting on here when I have a chance which can be sporadic. But, it's about time that I finally share our collection. It all started with great a Craigslist pickup of a Heavy Sixer, w/ all 9 original gatefold box games and both original heavy joysticks and paddles, and driving controller. The lot also included about 4-5 other games (some boxed) and other joysticks for the low-low sum of $30! I was wanting to get another Atari for a few years at the time - I grew up w/ a Vader model w/ about 30 games.


Now we have about 150 individual Atari games and I'm still missing a handful of titles from my youth. Now we have 12 consoles (more if you include multiple variants of 2600), and over 500 games, and a Coleco & Intellivision flashback. We also have a retro PC (DOS / Windows 98se) and 3 commodores (VIC-20, Commodore 16, and C64) with a slew of games for all. Most of these pics are from the old game room. I just moved a few months ago and don't have everything setup fully as I'll only be here for a year.








Gotta play some Zork
























Church sale pickup for really good deal:



First Supercharger game - found at local Savers thrift store:


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Love the shelving! :thumbsup:


Thank you. When we decided to do a dedicated space for the collection so we could actually use it, we were tight on space. It is a landing at the top of the stairs (about 6' x 10') w/ 3 doors for two bedrooms and a bathroom, and of course the stairs. There is also a bump out for the chimney. So, I had to think a lot about the functionality and space.


The shelves were custom built w/ cheap 1" x 6" pine boards (perfect size for games, btw!). Each shelf was sized for the systems games that were going to be there. Also, whenever I door decor I always like to one piece as a "sow piece" to really set things off. And space being what it was, I wanted to keep things as open as possible. So, that's how I cam up with the design of the console shelves in the middle between the TV's. The back only comes out about 1.25" from wall and all the cords are run through the back panel. The empty bottom shelf is for the 7800 and I do have a gen 1 Sega CD unit that I'm going through.


Colors were left to kids and gf to pick out and was a great combination. I have two commercial A/V switchers that came out of a Louisiana public broadcasting station. Each one can have 16 devices hooked up and the buttons light up when selected. I have the logos for each console as indicators for the buttons. One switcher for each TV. I have everything (except 2600) hooked up via composite for ease. Every console is split and then goes to each switch box. I can have any console on either TV, or one console on both TVs at once. All with the push of one button. I do also have all the poer going through two power switchers so I can leave the consoles plugged in all the time, but have power completely disconnected when not in use.


Consoles I have:

For the center console stack:



Sega Genesis / CD

Atari VCS (heavy sixer)

Atari 7800


In console TV Cabinet:

Original Xbox

PS2 Fat



On console TV:




Under little TV:

Coleco Flashback

Intellivision Flashback


I also have a Xbox 360 (R2D2), Wii, Gameboy Advance, DS Lite, Game Gear, Sears Video Arcade II, Commodore 16, VIC-20, C64, Retro DOS/WIN 98se PC.

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I hope your little one wasn't present when you actually started to play 'Longest Journey'? Because...that is a very adult rated game for a reason due to the language! LOL


I was quite shocked when I first installed it when it was new and fired it up and heard the expletives fly!

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