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So I thought to myself, "I guess not many people have played Chu Chu Rocket for the Dreamcast. I'd guess I'd better tape myself playing the game and put it on YouTube." And this was the result. It's kind of hard to see the ultimate top for some reason, but this is the only way I could do it unless I dragged the Odyssey 2 into the living room and hook it up that way. And it's hot. So I didn't. And also, it's kind of hard to play if you're trying to show it to people but you already know the answers to everything. So I messed up a few times intentionally to show people what happens if you do. Enjoy.

Also, I have three mazes in this game but I only have 500 or so bytes left. If each maze is around 50-100 bytes like I think they are, I'd only have room for about 5 more. Unless I can jump to using a 4k ROM. It'd be a long process trying to figure that out, but hey, I got this far, so why not? The problem would be trying to figure out how to pull data from one 2k bank and use it in another. I don't even know if that's possible. I have some investigating to do.

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