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Falcon video question

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After too many years, I'm attempting to get my falcons set up for the first time. One of my units is essentially brand new, and came with a 'connecting the Atari Falcon030' card and 'ST video adaptor' part C303108-001. That part, though, is a 20 pin female to 15 pin VGA adaptor. My SM124 has a 13 pin video adapter and that's what I expected this to be used with. My 'SC1224' turned out to be, well, see the next post...


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Hm, yes...I'd forgot that this is a 19 pin port. The dangers of typing (excitedly) a post after midnight. :) I'll get a 15 to 9 pin VGA cable and see if I can get things started with that.




Since your stuff worked not over many years, be prepared for problems. "Brand new" is not it after 25 years.


Good advice of course, but I'm under no illusions here. I'm sure I'll have many "exciting" discoveries on this rocky road to becoming a Falcon user. One of my units lost a few keys in storage, so I suppose I'd better get in touch with Best Electronics, for starters. :)

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The 1084S monitor is 9pin RGB, if I recall, and the Amiga works with the 23 to 9-pin cable.


So if the adapter that you have is the DB19 to DB15, wouldn't that be the VGA adapter, and not the RGB one? I have a similar adapter I bought from Best, but I can't remember if the packaging said 'ST Video Adapter' like yours does.


This is my Atari VGA adapter, and next to it is the 3-in-1 VGA adapter from http://atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=31453 If he still has some, maybe pick up one of those?


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