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help needed to find out if mangia is pal or ntsc


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hello i found that i have mangia in my collection.,

after some research i am trying to find out if its pal or ntsc.

i have a pal system myself and i am wondering how an ntsc game would show on a pal system.

or pal game on pal system.


anyone that can help me out?


kind regards

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I have a page that goes into detail on this - Atari NTSC vs PAL vs SECAMLong story short, if your TV can handle 60 Hz then NTSC games will work just fine, they'll just appear with the wrong colors.

That is What i am hoping for to find out What version i have

I dont have an ntsc Atari only pal.

Was actualy pooling for screenshots of pal game on ntsc console Or ntsc game on a pal system to find out What i have

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Run it in Stella. This is what it shows for the NTSC version.


This is what it shows for the PAL version:



You can also force the NTSC version to appear like it does on a PAL Console & TV:



As well as force the PAL version to appear like it's on an NTSC Console & TV:



In reviewing those, the pants will be green if the cartridge is played on the appropriate console.

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Thanks a lot spiceware.

As i understand from your pictures if i would have an ntsc game that my back ground must be pink/purple

I Will try an other tv incase this one is supporting ntsc.


I wonder What it Will do with the value of the games i have from spectravision as they are all hard to find

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No, the background would be light blue and the boy would have purple pants. Since you have a PAL console, you can only get a display like the 2nd picture (PAL game), or the 3rd one (NTSC game). The 1st and 4th pictures refers to a NTSC console.

Your game is PAL.

It doesn't matter if your tv can handle NTSC, as a PAL 2600 will never ouptut a NTSC signal.

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