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Gunslingers: Legends of The Wild West (W.I.P.)

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Coming off the VR mode in Fast Food 64 I have decided to make a NEW game. This new game will be a western style shooter similar to Area 51 (Arcade) and Cracked (Atari 7800). I will be texture mapping real faces to 3D cowboy and native American 3D models and then I will create animated sprite renders from those models and convert them into Jaguar format for a true arcade like shooting experience. I have already announced that I am working on this project in the Atari Jaguar Fans facebook group and on Jaguar Sector 3. This thread will serve as the AA thread for this project. Any advice or help along the way will be appreciated. I will ask once nicely to please keep things civil in this thread. I will also remain civil and ask for advice when I am stumped. I don't expect for this project to be finished anytime soon and I don't expect anyone here to fall in love with this concept right away. I am taking the advice of Sauron and posting in the Jaguar programming section first as I will not be rushing this concept. I'm going to take my time with this and hopefully make something special here. The pictures you see of the people are folks in the Jaguar community (including myself) who have decided to donate their face for 3D texture mapping onto the models that will be rendered in the game. If anyone here would like their face in the game as well feel free to take a selfie. Since there is no code yet, this is merely a concept for now. I will update soon after I finish gathering the assets and start actually writng the game.





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Good luck with your project!


My main advice would be to break it down into small chunks, especially around any areas of the project you are unsure of, or do not yet know how to do. Try solving any problem areas in little test projects possibly starting out using simple placeholder assets and when you get something working you can refactor it into the finished solution and tidy up any rough hacky portions as you go. That way you can concentrate on the problem itself and not worry about the extra bits around it.


I use Trello.com as a free tool to help break down my projects into individual tasks and order those, that way I can break big ideas up into small chunks and figure out an order of things to do in different sections, as well as see progress on a project, which can be brilliant to help keep your motivation going (it's pretty satisfying crossing stuff off a todo list and seeing it get shorter :) )

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It's been a few months... any update on the status of this game?



This project has been put on hold for now. A similar style game Jagzombies is currently being worked on.

The use of texture mapping real faces onto 3d models and then rendering them into sprites is quite a challenge.

I'm thinking something like this would be best suited as either a full Jaguar CD game, or an SD game.

Currently raptor basic + doesn't allow for full 700 MB cd access but I'm hoping this is something that will be implemented soon.

The SD option is particularly interesting and would probably be the best way to go.

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