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World record broken in Tapper!

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Yesterday July 14th at 4:00 PM until 4:00 PM today July 15th. I witnessed an amazing feat in video gaming history. A great friend of mine 24 year old Lauren Featherstone of Plano, TX just destroyed the 12 year old high score of 10,361,500 in the Bally arcade game Tapper. She played for just over 24 hours and ended her game with a total of 14,000,600 for her world record score, (It was played on the ultra rare color cabinet)before ending the game on her own terms with 5 lives remaining. She broke the record at 10:10 this morning. And the main story is. She started playing the game in early 2016!! Tapper came out a decade before she was born!! After a year or so of scores deep in the 5 figure and 6 figures she started memorizing the patterns and studying the sequences while getting the rhythm down pat. She broke 1 million in early May then in Mid-May she got 5,000,000 with 26 lives remaining but had to leave as it was Mother's Day morning and promised to have breakfast with her so it couldn't come into place unfortunatley.


Then Lauren and her husband Josh arranged plans with the Free Play Arcade's owner to have a date planned to set it at the Arlington, TX location. Done deal! Media interviewed her, tons of fans, friends, including myself set out to witness her performance and stayed up all night during the after hours going on and continuing her jaw dropping performance. She won an awesome cash prize for her performance it was filmed on twitch so definetley eligible and 100% legit for verification toTwin Galaxies. I was happy to see an awesome performance and congratulations Lauren!!





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Whoa, this topic is getting a truckload of guest views. Facebookalanche possibly?


Edit: Guess I should say congratulations too while I'm here.


Edit 2: Just found out all the traffic's actually coming from r/gaming. Hello there!

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