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bB sample GitHub project with CI


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Hello AtariAge, it has been a while!

For sometime now I've been fiddling around with continuous integration (CI) online services for my C++ projects in GitHub. As I was going about that, I came up with the idea to create a small bB toy project in GitHub with CI services for all three major platforms (Linux, OSX and Windows).

The goal here was to offer a base project to people who want to use GitHub to create their bB applications. At each git push you do on the repository, your batari Basic app will be compiled in Linux, OSX and Windows using the bB compiler. That is good if you are doing collaborative work: people can work on different platforms and make sure no one is breaking builds/things apart.

For more information and details on the build system, take a look at the project's README file.

Suggestions are welcomed!

Well, that's it! Best regards,


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