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Today I added the guy and power ups in the secret government waffle project. Along with a few other minor things. The Rom is now 10.5k. So I have lots of room to add stuff before it gets to 16k. The stuff to add are:
+ sfx or in-game music
+ death screen
Right now, He-Man is alive and well in my Intellivision. It's playing as background music for me typing this blog now. Have you ever done that? Put in a cartridge and let it play as ambiance? Or, even nerdier, to make it sound like you're in an arcade? I'm not that nerdy. In fact, I wouldn't call myself a nerd at all. I've never seen Star Wars nor Star Trek. I did watch Planet of the Apes once, that's as close as I got. I'm wondering why the number 3 is on the He-Man action demo screen in the left corner. I've never noticed that before. Perhaps it's a sign. For what, I don't know. I'm also wondering why nobody has given any feedback on the waffle project. I keep posting updates in the thread, and people keep downloading them, but they won't give me feedback on it. The power light on my INTV II is dim. I wonder if I could replace it if it went out. It's the only INTV I have, so I can't play the Coleco games.

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