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WTB 130XE Expansion/Cartridge port


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Purchased 130XE off of ebay. works almost flawlessly. The cartridge port has several lower prongs broken off the motherboard. Looking to replace entire socket (expansion/cartridge) instead of attempt to bridge the snapped prongs. Willing to buy a bad 130XE motherboard if the price is right, but really just need the socket.


Let me know...





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Those are a pain in the ass to remove from a 130XE board and you tend to lose a few legs. You might want to reach out to best electronics or myatari to see if they have some NOS replacements


I found this out last night ;-) I purchased a bad 130XE motherboard and swapped the ports from the bad board to the good board. Took a LOT of patience, but I did it and it works perfectly.



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