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I see posts that say you can put a PAL ANTIC inside a NTSC 800XL and you'll run PAL software. Is this one of those deals where a few things are very slightly off (1.79 vs 1.77 mhz) but this generally works OK for PAL software as long as you have a monitor that supports it?


Does anyone sell a PAL/NTSC switcher that allows 800XL to support both? I see something from 1995 claiming to do this: http://www.myatari.com/nirdary.html


Also, does VBXE emulate ANTIC enough to allow switching between NTSC and PAL?

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Running the other system's Antic is a partial solution. The frame rate and overall system speed will be off spec slightly.

If GTIA isn't also changed the colour encoding will remain at it's native standard. Also GTIA contains the PAL register which most software which cares will check to determine what system is in use.

Changing GTIA isn't as straightforward since PAL GTIAs need the second crystal's clock input as PAL colourburst is 4.43 MHz which isn't an integer multiple of the clock speed like on NTSC.


VBXE - AFAIK there's no difference at all, it doesn't care, it autodetects what system it's running on based on how many scanlines Antic generates.

What is important though is that whatever monitor or TV you use supports 50 Hz video. Generally modern LCDs will happily do 60 Hz in PAL countries but not always the other way around.

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