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Source for 65C802 CPU


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With tf_hh's SCCC it would be possible to put a 65C802 (or 65C02) in a PAL 800. Are there any sources to still get the 65C802 or is it too late?

The only place you'll find one is 2nd hand.

Production stopped within a couple years after it was introduced.

I never understood why it wasn't more popular.

Lack of support I suppose.


There is a supposedly simple way to plug a 65c816 into a 6502 socket mentioned in another thread.

It will run everything a 65C802 will.

There's also the Antonia 4MB RAM Expansion that has a 65816 on board as well as more RAM.

There are faster 65816 boards out there as well, but the commercial options aren't as cheap as the "simple way".


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The main side effect of the "one-wire" 816 mod is that Incognito BIOS forgets its settings. The time and date are always correct, but BIOS settings are forgotten on power loss.


I had no noticeable problems other than that, but I reverted back to the 802 so as to not take chances with my BBS machine crashing.

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