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New Adventure Game


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As many of you know I have been granted permission from Scott Adams to code sequels to his adventure games.


I believe i have finally decided which one to do.


a sequel to 'The Count'


I'm still working on the plot and I have not decided whether to keep it using the APL (Adventure Programming Language) with use of the standard Adventure cartridge or to try my hand at using the Interactive Fiction (infocom type) programming language.


i'm still researching the infocom programming language. I have not found a lot about it as far as relation to the TI-99/4A. I do know the APL for the adventure cartridge quite well, but it limits me to 2 word phrases like 'Open Window' etc..


If anyone has any information on the infocom programming for the TI please let me know.



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I found quite a bit of information on the IF platform for infocom, but nothing really that pertains to the TI-99/4A. I have found compilers and interpreters, but all seem to be geared for other machines. Just not a lot of info surrounding our machine. I think that the TI used the ZIL interpreter (version 1.0) but that's about all I have come up with.


I don't want to limit and being have a more in depth adventure if I can.


Still searching...

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I believe the TI uses the Z3 (Inform) as well. The issue I am finding is that the infocom interpreter that was released by Infocom seems to be hard coded to look for GAME1 and GAME2 so the files are split somehow. I am still trying to find information out how this was accomplished. If there was any file header information in the files to verify the file or what for the interpreter.


Barry also released a infocom interpreter that worked on the 99/4a and the Geneve. Geneve version did 80 columns. But it too looks like it is hardcoded for 2 game files.

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