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Kar Kombat - a new game


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Now for sale at Good Deal Games.




Many thanks to Random Terrain for posting the movement code that made this game possible.


This game was inspired by Slot Racers. I always thought (and still do) that Slot Racers would be more fun if you could just point the cars in the direction you want to go. I tried to hack the game to do just that but failed. Since I couldn't hack Slot Racers I decided to program a bBasic game similar to it that would use the type of directional controls I was looking for. Here is the result.


Kar Kombat is a two player only game. The object is to shoot the opponents car 50 times. After 50 shots the game freezes until the reset button is pushed.




Kar Kombat RC7.bin

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It's finished for now. :D I thought about adding a feature or two but I've got other things that need to get done at this time, unfortunately.

I have no plans to release it on cart but anyone who wants to do so is welcome. I doubt it's high enough quality for Al to put in the store.

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