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Are you tired of running out of lives in DKC2?


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I found this trick way back in the days. I haven't seen anyone else discover this trick so I decided to share it with the community.


You make your way through the first 2 world. The very first level in the third world is called Barrel Bayou. Make your way past the continue barrel until you see 2 Kloaks throwing Click-Clank. Do not destroy the 2nd one that covers the N. He'll throw 2 Click-Clanks, and then float to the other side of the dock throwing a treasure that contain 2up balloon. At this point, you can choose to rack up 99 lives, max out the SNES scanline limit, choose to ignore the chest and go on your merry way, or attempt to crash the SNES. I had the rental version of DKC2 so I think the early revision of this game will crash to a gray screen. I tried the trick on my original SNES with a copy of DKC2, it didn't crash the system.


So yea, I wanted to show this trick/bug/feature. Enjoy.

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