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I want to whomp some worms.

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Sadly, I could never get into this one. Enemy sprites too tiny (yes, I know they're supposed to be worms), but still... always looked/felt like a TI-99 Extended BASIC game to me. Guess I expect more out of an Activision title, but a lot of people seem to like it!

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I got the game in the mail today. Man, it's hard with all those worms coming! If they made about half of them come for each round, it would have been a much better game and still would have increased the difficulty.

Once it picks up the pace, ignore the upper corn and focus on protecting the lower half. Also, the increase in difficulty each level isn't linear. After a handful of brutal ones it cuts you a break here and there before ramping up again. Conserve plough balls for use with the larger bugs and puddles... Hopefully lined up so you can use only one. You earn more each round, so don't be too conservative ;-)

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