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850 Interface - Port 1 to Serial port wiring


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Hi folks --


I have an 850 Interface (actually two), but no Atari to RS232 serial cables. I do have a regular serial cable (9 pin female --> 25 pin male) and a Wifi232 device I'd like to play with.


I *think* I can make this work by wiring Serial port 1 of the interface to the 9 pin RS-232 cable as follows:


Atari 850 --> Serial Cable


1 (DTR) ---> 4

2 Carrier Detect ---> 1

3 Send Data ---> 3

4 Recv Data ----> 2

5 Ground ----> 5

6 Data Set Ready --> 6

7 RTS -----> 7

8 CTS ----> 8

9 (No need to wire)


Does this appear correct? And to verify, the 850 interface doesn't pass any voltages out on Port 1 so no matter what I do wiring-wise I won't damage the device?


I don't want a null modem setup of course, so that's why RTS/CTS and RX/TX aren't crossed.



Atari 850 pinout: http://www.atarimania.com/faq-atari-400-800-xl-xe-what-is-the-atari-850-interface-module_38.html

Regular RS232: http://www.multitech.net/developer/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/DE9-SerialPort.png

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