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Anyone want to do timer comparison code for abbuc game?

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With less than a week to go I have just started a quick game to support the abbuc contest.


I have a timer working in the game.


Anyone fancy coding the end of level compare times routine? Table of top 3, 5 or even 10 times? This would allow me to get on with other things.


If so let me know and I'll send you the timer code I have.



:-o ;)


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So, are you saying that you want code to sort a list of high scores?


I typically keep the list sorted and then insert the new hiscore as appropriate.


I'm attaching the hiscore code for bomber in case it's useful.

Thanks I'll take a look


Sort of - this time it would be race times Minutes (1 digit), Seconds (2 digits 0-59), Tenths (1 digit: 0-9) I need to confirm the timer code I've found works properly.

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